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Day 1- Healthy Breakfast

Firstly, HELLO OCTOBER!!!! I really love this month! It's a special kind of blend between fall, summer and winter, that makes me fell soooooooo WONDERFUL!

Secondly, for the first 31 Days journey, I've choose to write about a healthy (but absolutly delicious) breakfast.

I'm sure that you all know how important is this meal of the day, and how it keeps us moving, full of energy, happy and most of all, healthy, if we choose wisely what to eat.

Before I show to you today's breakfast, I would like to share with all of you, darlings, some tips:

1. it's important that when you wake up you drink a glass of room temperature water (you can put in it a spoon with honey and this will help your digestive system)
2. don't eat sweet's in the morning; if your body it's craving for something sweet, full of chocolat and sugar, eat a fruit. If you eat sweets in the morning, your body will want more and more for the rest of the day.
3. it's important to have 5 colors in your plate, for a complete meal
4. you have to take your breakfast at 1 to 3 hours after you wake-up
5. in the morning you shoul eat a 1/3 of your whole amount of food
6. you CAN eat:

- eggs
- butter
- cheese
- red meet
- carrots
- tomatoes
- strawberries
- blueberries
- bread
- milk with cereals (not that indicated, but if you like to start your morning like this, choose some sugar-free cereals)

And now, let's look at a yummy breakfast, for a happy, glorious, full of energy day!

As you can see, there are 5 colors on the "plate". A yummy red pepper, 2 slices of toast, with ham, soft boiled egg and fig jam with butter. And, a cup of good quality Turkish coffee (it meens that it's prepared in a pot).

Now let's find out why it's this a good breakfast for you and why you shoul it this foods:

1. the red pepper= it's an important surce of fibres, A, C, E, K and B6 vitamins, folic acid and potassium. It protects your heart, and it have alow content of saturaded fatts, sodium and cholesterol.

2. soft boiled eggs (if you make hard boiled eggs, thouse are not good for your health)= A, B, and D vitamins, good proteins. In the egg white we can find sulfur and chlorine, and in the yolk iron, calcium and phosphorus. And, the moste important, some of the substances in the egg yolk prevent eye muscle degeneration, so, eating eggs you can prevent the risk for eye blindness. If you eat one egg a day, it does not increase cholesterol level, but it increase antioxidants levels in your body.

3. butter= choose butter that has more than 60% fats. Others, may cause you more bads than goods, as diabetes or obesity. If you eat butter in the morning, stay chill, you won't get fat (if you eat half of the package it's something else) cuz your body will consume it during the whole day; and that's how you have energy to smile,dance, learn and look for your children all day long...

4. fig jam= it's important to give your body some sugar, but a good source of sugar, so it can start-up the morning in a beautiful, yet healthy way

5. apple= you already know: AN APPLE A DAY, KEEPS DOCTOR AWAY! But why are apples good?! Well, they take care of your skin, lungs, lowers cholesterol levels, clen the liver and bile. It also strenghthen the immune system and your bones and reduce irritability.

6. ham= in small amounts, it's good for your heart and major blood vessels.

7. coffee= a coffee a day it's good for your heart, digestiv system, stimulates the nervous system, increases intellectual activity and reduce fatigue.

And, for the great finale, I woul like to share with you my grandmother favourite "quote":

- an egg in the morning, it's medicine, at lunch bandage, and in the evening, poison!

She is always saying this to us (and our friends) and she is very proud to share the quote she learnd from his grandmother! So, back then, people were kind of intellingente.

EAT HEALTHY, stay hydratated and don't forget to make your 30 min of exercise!

See you tomorrow beautifuls!

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