luni, 20 octombrie 2014

Day 20- Apple and banana biscuits

Bad day today, so I won't say to much, I'll just let the photos speak for themselfs!


- 1 banana
- half an apple
- 3 spoon flour
- 60 g (or more) oatmeal
- vanilla seeds from half a pod of vanilla
- dried raisins and cranberries for garnish


Smash the banana and scrape the apple. Then mix all the ingredients toghether and add more oatmeal if needed.
In a baking tray, put with a teaspoon small piles of dough. On top of them, put one raisin or one cranberrie.
Bake for 15 minutes at medium temperature.

Why is it good for you:

- oatmeals, wich have antioxidants, that keep your heart healthy, strenghten your immune system and because are rich in fibre, regulate the sugar level in your blood.

- apples, eaten daily prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, because they contain some helpfull antioxidants.  Also, scientists claim that fruit peel are substances that has the ability to "burn" calories
A new study suggests that apples may be, for women, an effective aphrodisiac; the daily consumption of apples improves sexual function and is linked to greater satisfaction of women in private life.
And, of course, an apple a day, keeps doctor away! 

- bananas, are rich in vitamins and minerals, and keep your hearth and blood vases healthy. 

Hope you will try this biscuits, and like them! Are very easy to make, healthy and kids love them!
And are also a greate snack for school or work!

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  1. You did good, posting even on a "bad" day! I am not doing as well as you. But am picking up again today hopeffully.

    1. Yeah, thank you very much! Clearly today is not my day! I'm like a huge ball of tense nervs!