marți, 14 octombrie 2014

Day 14- corn patties

I like corn! I'm mad about it... so, I've made this yummy, yet still healthy corn patties! Are sooooooooooooo good that if you make them, you won't eat anything else a long long periode of time!


- 300 g corn
- 2 tablespoon sun-flower oil
- 1 red pepper
- salt and pepper
- a pinch of ginger
- 1 egg


In a blender mix all ingredient toghether. Let the composition sit about 15 minutes in the fridge.
Preheat a pan, add oil in it and let it heath up, and cook your patties. You can make them ass big or small as you wish.

You can serve those corn patties with fresh tomatoes or with a salad.

Why is it good for you:

- those corn patties are made 80% from corn, so I will present just the beneffits of corn:

1. prevent lung cancer
2.  maintain cardiovascular health
3. protects your eyes
4. improves memory and digestion
5. maintain your membranes health
6. it slows the aging process
7. it speeds the recovery from colds and flu  

Have a nice day ladies and lots of kisses!

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