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Day 12- Hazelnut cookies and sweet memories

Yesterday I went to my grandparent village... as we usually do. So, I've decided that today to share with you not only a recipe, but some sweet parts of the village where I've spent my childhood.
I always come back to it with my heart open, cuz I have some greate memories, friends and I find life... simple, but greate life...

I will start with the places I like most... 

... my grandparents backyard and the village's pond! As you can see, wilde swans float carefree on the lake... in such a peacefull way! The swans are coming to the pond since I was little, stay for 3-5 weeks and then go! In this pond, in the spring, the rest of the kids and me went fishing, in the summer we used to swam, in the autumn we would watch the swans, dragonflies, frogs and other birds and in the winter we used to skate. The cat that you see in the image, it's my grandmother's cat, TANU, a grate hunter, and the cock that you can see, it's happily eating some grapes from my grandfather's vineyard.

Here you can see some of the vegetables we grow in our garden... tasty, healthy, beautiful and soooooooooo good in our food!

Our chickens fresh eggs, so tasty, golden and healthy! Some beautiful colored leaves in our garden and the
starlings that are coming in our village in a huge number in every autumn, to eat the remaining grapes from the vineyards and plums.

And here you can see a collage of my cookies. With hazelnuts from our garden, with flour (made at the village's mill), with the milk we buy from our neighbours cows and salt from the saltern's we have in the village near ours.

Ingredients for aprox. 24 cookies:

- 200 g flour
- 100 g sugar
- 70 g hazelnuts
- 20 g cocoa powder
-80 g butter at room temperature
-1  egg
- a pinch of salt
- vanilla
- 1 tablespoon milk
- 1 tablespoon yogurt
- 2 tablespoon nutella


You must firie the hazelnuts first and chope them in chunks. 
In a bowl put the flour, butter, salt, sugar, cocoa and the egg. Mix all toghether. Add the vanilla, milk, yogurt and hazelnuts and mix again. 
Let the batter sit in the fridge for 30 minutes.
Turn on the oven and in your oven tray, put with a teaspoon small pieces of batter. 
Let them cook for about 15 minutes.
And that's it, your super yammy cookies are done!

Why are those  cookies good for you:

- first of all, because are home-made, so you know what it's on it

- they contain hazelnuts, that are an excellent tonic for your nervous system. Are an important source of amino acids and stimulates the growth of children. They can cure anemia and helps people recovering after a sick periode, and also contribute to strengthening the capacity of concentration. 

Experts recommend hazelnuts for neurasthenia, stress and depression states. People who consume it do not get neurosis, because they provide the needed potassium concentration for our bodies. The potassium in hazelnuts activates the cerebral cortex neurons and centers parts of the brain, involved in mental relaxation.

- contains cocoa powder, wich is rich in antioxidants, that keeps your heart healthy. It's also a very good and rich sources of magnesium.

I hope that you will make this cookies, that are super healthy and yummy! Kids absolutly adore this kind of cookies and are so easy to make!
With a fresh glass of milk in the morning or as a snack, are the best option for your entire familly.

See you tomorrow ladies! Kisses and hope you liked my little piece of heaven! The perfect place to recharg my batteries or to forget about all my problems!
The only place in the world in wich I will always be a child! A happy, big child!

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