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Day 9- Pompeii look alike bread

Day 9 it's about bread! Central source of food, regardless of social class, from ancient times bread has been a source of huge interest for artists, painters, ordinary people and religion. 

Some time ago, searching the internet I found a picture of a painting of Pompeii, with a bakery. I was
amazed that in those times they had such a well organized society, and also they had a bakery. People were buing bread, like in our time! Lovely bread culture from back then... and I saw the breads... lovely golden breads! And I said: I want to make breads like those! And I did it!

Take a look:

Left: Pomepii bakery, middle, pompeii bread mold, right, my bread!!!!!

For a bread like mine you will need:

- 400 g flour
- 200 g fine ground nuts
- 10 g of dry yeast
- 1 egg
- salt
- 200-230 ml warm water 

Sift flour and mix it with the yeast and nuts. Make a whole in the center of flour mixture, and put the egg, salt and half of the water amount.
Mix it well and add the rest of the water. Knead the dough for half an hour or more if needed. Put it in a "container" and covered with a clean towel. Let it grow for about a hour, in a warm place.
After the dought doubled the volume, knead it again for 5 minutes or less and divided into two equal parts. Make from them 2 circles and put one on top of the other. Indented with a knife the circle on top, as you can see in the image abowe.
Let the bread rest, cover with a towel for about 30 min. Now you cand put it in the hot oven for about 40-50 min.
And your bread it's ready!

It's heavenly to serv it with butter still warm!!! I like to eat this bread with my soups, butter or nutella. It's HEAVEN in a piece of bread!!!

Why is it good for you:

- if you eat at least once a week walnuts or walnuts bred, it reduce the risck of heart disease.
- it one of the best sources of proteines for your body.

- it containes good fats, that reduce your cholesterol levels.

- it contains vitamine E, that is good for your skin.

- it contains manganese, that keeps your bones healthy.
 Hope you will try this Pompeii look alike bread! 
See you tomorrow ladies! Lot's of kisses.

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