vineri, 3 octombrie 2014

Day 3- Mix and match food

Not having a good day... feeling sick today! So I'll be SHORT!
For Day 3 I've choose to share with you a mix and match food. Why I say it's a mix and match? Well, because you can eat this dish as breakfast, dinner or snack...

What you need:

- 50 g of yogurt
- 20 g of oats
- 1 figg
- 2 tablespoons of honey
- some grapes
- some red currant
- 2 or 3 wallnuts

What to do:

Putt all ingredients in a bowl and mix!

As you can tell, the 5 colors rule it's respected for this dish too.

Why is it this good for you:

1. yogurt- it's good for your bones and digestive system

2. walnuts- are good for your skin, hair and nails (will be shinny and strong) and for your memorie

3. redcurrants- are a real help for your digestive system- that means that they help you to lose weight in a healthy yummy way!

4. oatmeals- have antioxidants, that keep your heart healthy, strenghten your immune system and because are rich in fibre, regulate the sugar level in your blood.

5. black grapes- are good for your skin, they brighten it.

6. honey- it contains vitamins C, A, D and K and also Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.  Honey it's also the fastest and strongest natural energizing known ( do to the easily to absorbe substances in it). It's also a greate help in obesity, tooth decay, constipation, lack of calcium and magnesium, premature menopause and lots more. But for this you must eat a natural, not counterfeit honey, with no sugar added.

7. figgs- improve digestion, regulates blood pressure (do to the potassium it contains) and prevent osteoporosis. Are rich in fibres, so if you want to mantain your weight, figgs are a good option. 

Regardless of when you choose to enjoy this dish, it will certainly make you fell more healthy and full of energy. 
Personaly, I choose to eat it in the morning and as a snack. 

See you tomorrow darlings! I hope to feel better until 4 th of October! Cuz definitely today it's not my day!

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