joi, 2 octombrie 2014

Day 2- Happily ever Breakfast

Day 2 has arrived! Here it's raining, it's cold and the chestnuts fall from the trees like cannonballs! Gray skies, gray puddles... it look like today the nature it's kind of sad.

So, we need to be HAPPY! And starting the day with a good, yummy, yet HEALTHY breakfast it all we need (and a bit of love, but that's a nother story)!

Today I'll share with you, Maya's sandwich, a sandwich that my grandmother use to make from me when I was little and spent my first 8 years of life with her.

It's tasty, it's healthy, and believe me, it can MAKE your day!

So, what you will need if you want to make Maya's sandwich:

- 1 toast
- 1 egg
- a slice of cheese
- a slice of ham
- pepper
- salt

How to make it:

Fill a saucepan with water, put some salt in it (about a teaspoon) and let it boil. When the water it's boiling, crack the egg in it, and let it sit for about 3-4 minutes, or more if you want a hard boiled egg. We call this king of coocking egg, Romanian eggs. And are damn good, trust me!
With a spoon or a slotted spoon, take the egg from the saucepan and put it on the toast. Add the cheese and the ham and some pepper.

Is it healthy?

Well, it has all the ingredients that you are allowed to it in the morning (if you want to learn more about it, go to Day 1)  as:

- bread
- eggs
- cheese
- ham

It offers you energy till lunch time, it's rich in fibres (that are good for your digestive system), it's nice with your silhouette.

Some benefits of each product:

1. eggs= eaten in the morning are like a medicine. It keeps your eyes healthy, are rich in vitamins and good fats. Remember!!!! For an egg to be healthy for you, you must not eat a hard boiled one.

2. toast= stimulates gastric secretions, it's rich in carbohydrates (and it's ok if you eat it in the morning).

3. cheese= a good home-made chesee (we are so lucy regarding this aspect, cuz our godson it is a shepard and he makes cheese...) it's rich in calcium, so good for your bones ladys, vitamin D, and it can help you mantaine your weight (if you eat one portion a day).

4. ham= it keeps your heart healthy, it provides you energy (for a happy day) and protects your most important organ: THE BRAIN!!!! Amen to that.

And, for a more healthy breakfast, put a veggie beside the sandwich! And some wather, it's important to stay hydrated. But, drink it after you finished your meal if you want to help you digestive system and avoide bloating.

Cheers for Maya's sandwich and for a more healthy, well informed us!

See you tomorrow darlings.

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