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Day 4- Home-made walnut and hazelnut milk

4th of October it's a super-duper day for me! After yesterday (when I was quite sick) today I'm soooooooooooo happy and energetic! Maybe it's the weater... it was such a nice autumn day... with warm sun, blue-blue clear sky... absolutly fantastic...

And, this inspired me to present and share with you one of the drinks that I love so so so much and are so close to my soul! Walnut and hazelnut milk!

My grand-mother has a favourite word: "Let your food be your remedy!" And she always likes to highlight that food it's not only about meet, vegetables, fruits... it's also about what we drink! She used to laught and tell us to drink our food and to eat our water if we want to understand the real value of things. Smart women!

Now, at my 23 years, I'm totally aware of the importance of food and drinks... That's why I want to share with you this recipe of nut milk. Cuz it's healthy, it's absoulutly tasty and you can use it in a million ways. You can drink it simple, or at your coffee or hot-chocolat... with your cappuccino or favourite cracker... 2 or 3 cups a day are exactlly what you need!

For 1 l of home-made walnut and hazelnut milk you will need:

- 30 g hazelnut
- 30 g walnut
- 6 g of cinnamon
-1, 5 l of water


Put the nuts in a bowl with 0.5 l of water and let them soak for 4-5 hour or over night.
Throw the water in with the nuts have soaked. Grab a blender, put the nuts and the cinnamon in it, and blend. Put 1 l of warm or cold water in the blender (not more then 30 degrees Celsius) and blend again.
For a smooth, velvety milk, strain it through a kitchen sieve. You can drink a glass right away, or you can poor it in a bottle and store the milk in the refrigerator.

It can be consumed in 3 days, NOT MORE!!!!!

IMPORTANT: Do not throw away the rest of nuts. Put it in a cup and also store it in the refrigerator. We will use this nuts blend to make some yummy little breads.

Is this king of milk good for you!? Certainly, it is! It contains raw fruits and cinnamon, known to be so good for your imune system.

Why is this product good for you:

1. it has a low content of calories

2. it contains vitamin D and calcium, good for your bones. I recomand to you, ladies, to consume at least one glass of nut milk, if you want to prevent osteoporosis. 

3. it keeps your skin healthy and glowing, cuz it contains vitamin E, that is known as the skin vitamin.

4. it keeps your hearth healty 

5. it can strengthen and regenerate your muscles, do to the high content of vitamin B and mineral.

I drink my hot-chocolat with nut milk, and sometimes I put 2 teaspoons of it in my morning coffee. It realy tasty, velvety and it makes me smile! Probably because I always remember my grand-mother and my childhood when I prepare and drink it! I still see the big, green walnut and hazelnut trees, all that peace and harmony, me... a more innocent me... It's like a come-back at my happy moments, in a place where those trees grow freely, comforted by the sun's rays... (cuz we live in an area in with those trees grow-up everywhere...)

If you don't like walnuts or hazelnuts, you can use for this milk:

- almonds
- pecans
- cashew
- dates (before you blend the dates you have to soak it for about 2-3 hours; dates can be used in all variants of nut milk... it makes it more sweet) 

See you tomorrow ladies! Till then, enjoy your glass with milk and stay healthy and beautifuly glamourous!


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