duminică, 26 octombrie 2014

Day 26- Home made noodles

Today my mother made a delicious chicken soup, that I like very very much! And the ingredient that makes it soooooooooo good it's our home made noodles!
They make this soup so good and delicious and without them I don't even eat it.
So, let me introduce our super yummy home made noodles!


- 1 egg
- 150 g flour


Brake the egg in to a bowl and wisk it well. Mix it with 100 g flour, to obtain a hard dought. Knead the dought on your kitchen table, sprinkling flour all the time, until it can't be no more incorporated in to the dought. 
Stretch the dought with a roller until you obtain a very thin sheet.
Them roll it and cut it with a knife. Distangle the noodles and here you go, you just made some delicious noodles!

Are they good for you:

- yes, because they are home made, with eggs and flour from my grandmother little farm

- you know every ingredients in it and where it comes

- are perfect for kids

- makes your soup incredible yummy

- they do not compeare with other store bought noodles

You must try this recipe and you will never return to store bought noodles. And you can make more dought at a time and store it for further use!

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