vineri, 24 octombrie 2014

Day 24- Creamy yogurt

Because I know how important it is to stay healty and to eat healthy, not to starve yourself to lose weight, I recommend this healthy, creamy, yogurt snack.
You can eat it whenever you want, but I personaly choose to eat it between the lunch meal and dinner.

What you need:

- 150 g creamy yogurt
- 30 g oatmeal
- 3-4 walnuts
- some redcurrants

"How to make":

Just put all ingredients in a bowl and mix together! Now, sit, relax and enjoy your yummy snack!

Why is it good for you:

1. the yogurt- it's good for your bones and digestive system
2. the walnuts- are good for your skin, hair and nails (will be shinny and strong) and for your memorie
3. the redcurrants- are a real help for your digestive system- that means that they help you to lose weight in a healthy yummy way!
4. the oatmeals- have antioxidants, that keep your heart healthy, strenghten your immune system and because are rich in fibre, regulate the sugar level in your blood.

So, enjoy a good, healthy snack, do your exercise and stay optimistic!

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